Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Triple X Paddle Review

There's nothing like a quality leather sex toy or item of bondage equipment to get my pulse racing, get my innner dominant to emerge and have me running to the bedroom to enjoy a bit of BDSM. So this is just the sort of sex toy that I really love to get hold of. The possibilities in the bedroom are endless ;-)
We’ve never had a paddle before. All these years testing sex toys and no paddle. We’ve had crops and whips but this is the first time the flat face of a paddle has contacted soft skin in the Sex Toys Buzz boudoir. There are a lot of paddles on the market ranging from the ridiculously kitsch and cutesy to the vicious and frightening varieties. We chose to review one in the middle from a manufacturer that we know and trust – Triple X. This particular paddle is made from one piece of leather s …
You can take in the review of the Triple X paddle here Triple X Paddle Review.

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