Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Masturbating With a Vibrator

There's an interesting article over here that you might be interested in if your the curious type. All about masturbating with vibrators ;-)
Most people above the age of puberty have masturbated at least once in their lives. Often this is simply through manual stimulation of their genitals, either on their own or with a partner. Sometimes they may use erotic literature, images or even a porn movie to help things along but if you’re in the right mood of course then your imagination is all you need.

Monday, 11 February 2013

PicoBong Honi Mini Vibe

I do like entertainment that comes in small packages which is why mini-vibes appeal so much. The right mini-vibe can be the perfect thing to carry in your handbag and whip out when a little light relief is called for ;-)
This is the final sex toy review for the PicoBong range sent to me recently by Lelo. It’s an elongated egg which looks like it would sit nicely between the pussy lips. The Honi is 85% silky silicone capped with an ABS plastic cap which encloses the battery housing and it is finished off with a retrieval hoop. Controls for the Honi, like the other products in this range are secreted within the company name that’s moulded onto the side of the bullet. A great idea apart from when they are …
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Give Lube, Lube Tube Improved Formula Lubricant

Sometimes you need a little lubrication. Especially if you're on the job for hours, and hours, and hours ...
As readers will be aware we are a big fan of Give Lube water based lubricant. So much that we’ve appointed them our official lube supplier. This is a simple product that does exactly what you need from a lubricant. It’s compatible with pretty much all sex toys, is safe for use with latex condoms and isn’t loaded up with unnecessary fragrances or flavours. Of course we like flavours, scented lubes and those that make you tingle hot and cold but for everyday use you need a safe and long-lasti …
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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lelo Tor II Review

Another sex toy for my other half to test but this cock ring is for me as well with its rechargeable vibrating bullet. It's always good to share ;-)
Don’t blink because you might miss this sex toy review :-) The Lelo Tor II is a high quality silicone cock ring that commands a premium price – and from a point of view of design and build quality it deserves the high ticket price. Custom built and not thrown together from semi-standard far-eastern components this is a sex toy worthy of the Lelo name. The Lelo Tor II is rechargeable via the country specific charge adapter supplied with each unit. In the box you will also find a sachet of …
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Monday, 4 February 2013

Probe Personal Lubricant

Lubrication is everything for many sex toys and for some it's absolutely essential. No matter how excited you are you will eventually run out of natural lubrication during sex or a long play session with a sex toy, and of course for anal there is no natural lubricant whatever you hear in porn movies.
It’s quite a while since I was sent some lubes to test and sex toy review which brings a welcome change of pace, no batteries or charging required. ;) I have both the Probe Silky Light and the more viscous Thick Rich which is suggested for its longevity in use and anal toy play. Both these lubricants are available in 250ml and as I have 75ml which is good for stowing away in a glove box or handbag. The bottles are non fussy, almost clinical in their subdued branding which could further …
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tight Fckr Masturbator

Remember ladies sex toys are not just for you the guys can have a little fun as well so make sure that when you're looking at my site you read the reviews by my other half too. He's reviewed lots of sex toys for men including this one:
Erolution is a company new to the sex toy market which can be both a good and a bad thing. Bad because a lack of experience can deliver ill-conceived or simply poorly performing toys – but a good thing because new ideas often abound in a new enterprise, whatever they are designing. Let’s see how my first review of one of this company’s products fairs. The Erolution range currently consists of four male masturbators Super Sckr, Super Fckr+, Anal Fckr and the one I’m testing, the Tight Fckr. …
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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Metal Wörx Love Plug

A metal butt plug is something that everyone ought to try and anal fiends will relish the prospect of owning. The practicality, the weight and the shear beauty of these anal sex toys, not to mention how they feel, oooooh!
Metal Wörx is a range of metal sex toys from Pipedream Products, a US manufacturer that has a huge sex toy portfolio. The Love Plug is just one of the Metal Wörx sex toys but is built to the same high quality and comes in the same style of workman-like aluminium boxes too. Yep, that’s right every one of these steel sex toys has its own sturdy box, similar to the ones that you’d see some engineers and many photographers carrying their equipment in. Unclip the box and you’ll find your highly …
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