Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Give It All Butt Plug Set Review

Butt plugs can be a bit daunting so I do like to recommend sets of butt plugs to beginers. They tend to be cheap and give you a range of sizes to try so you don't start of with a huge anal toy that puts you off the idea of anal stimulation immediately or start with a tiny one then have to go and buy another when you need something a little more challenging:
Curiosity about the use of anal sex toys is on the increase, so you’d expect the number of butt plugs and anal sex toys being purchased to be on the rise too. However one of the barriers to buying a butt plug is worry about comfort and what sort of anal sex toy will suite the purchaser. The answer could be to buy this silicone butt plug set. It consists of three silicone butt plugs, all slim and suitable for the beginner but with features that will keep you using them and exploring the p …
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